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Congressional Commitee Search Enhancements

January 29, 2010

New tools have been added to the C-SPAN Video Library to search congressional committees. Each committee has its own page now that lists all video we have, all subcommittees, and all members of the committees. There are two easy ways to get to the committee pages.

One way is to simply enter the committee name into the search box. Try Senate Health Committee, for example. The other way is to go to the Browse feature from the top navigation bar. You will see a link to congressional committees on the left side. This method allows you to see all the committees and subcommittees we have covered and to jump to the video of those committees.

Try out these new features. We think they will let you quickly find the extensive coverage of congressional committees that C-SPAN provides.

The State of the Union on C-SPAN

January 26, 2010

State of the Union Addresses going back to 1988 are archived in the Video Library. To find them use the advanced search and type in “State of the Union Address.” This search zeroes in on programs with that title.

The State of the Union Responses can be found the same way. Type “State of the Union Response” into the Program Title field in advanced search. You will find names such as Sebelius, Locke, Webb, Kaine, Whitman.

Where are they now? Their bio page in the Video Library holds the answer.

Conference Committees on C-SPAN

January 13, 2010

Over the last twenty-three years, C-SPAN cameras have covered many public meetings of conference committees on major legislation. In 2009 for example, C-SPAN covered conferences on the supplemental appropriations, the budget resolution, and the economic stimulus. However, this coverage is limited to the public meetings which are usually confined to the opening statements or the final meeting after agreement has been reached on the issues. Those agreements are reached behind closed doors where C-SPAN cameras are not permitted.

In the April, 2009 conference on the budget resolution, the conference chair was asked directly if there would be any more public meetings. Sen. Conrad (D-ND) responded that additional meetings were not likely unless they could not reach agreement. He added that they would then return for motions in public.

A review of past years show a number of multi-day conference committees which were substantive in nature. In 1989, for example, the Savings and Loan bailout conference was covered on five days for a total of twenty-seven hours. The last session was almost nine hours.

The following search shows conference committees in the Video Library. Conference Commitees

McGwire Testimony in Archive

January 12, 2010

Mark McGwire, who now admits to steroid use as a major league baseball player, testified before a House Committee in 2005 about steroid use. McGwire’s opening statement can be viewed here.

C-SPAN Health Care Coverage

January 7, 2010

Since January 20, 2009 C-SPAN has covered 794 hours of debate and discussion about health care legislation.

This coverage includes 68 hours of House Committee hearings, 131 hours of Senate Committee hearings, 15 hours of House debate and 223 hours of Senate debate on the bill. Not counted are many, many one-minute speeches, special order speeches, and morning business speeches in the House and Senate.

From the Administration there were also 37 hours of speeches, news conferences, and news briefings from the White House and another 36 hours of news conferences by House and Senate members and interest groups. Public policy forums, speeches, and the memorable congressional town hall meetings constitute another 100 hours. Finally, C-SPAN invited guests to participate in call-ins and other interviews for another 116 hours. All of these were public events that C-SPAN chose to cover and are available for viewing in the C-SPAN Video Library.

To view any of these 3300 programs go to the browse page and select health care. After you select view more programs at the bottom of the page you will be able to isolate programs by category. Simply clear all of the category type and then select House Committee or White House or Senate proceeding to isolate just that single category. The following link will take you directly to this page. C-SPAN Health Care Coverage

C-SPAN’s coverage will continue as new events occur in the remaining discussion on health care.