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Visiting Presidential Gravesites

February 12, 2010

C-SPAN has published a new edition of Who is Buried in Grant’s Tomb? a book that looks at the gravesites of all U.S. presidents. Views can purchase can purchase the book at www.publicaffairs.com and enter GRANTSTOMB if they want a 25% discount or it can be found at their local bookstore.

C-SPAN has visited all the presidential gravesites. These visits can be found in our 1998 American Presidents series. Find these under the Browse tab and then select series and American Presidents.

Video of a few of these visits can be viewed here George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham LincolnTheodore Roosevelt, Franklin RoseveltRonald Reagan

Use the Video Library to find the others.

“Do not Ask – Do not Tell” in Archive

February 3, 2010

Just type in Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the search box. Then select – Least Recent – as the sort by order and you will find the original programs when President Bill Clinton proposed this policy in 1993.

Many issues continue on the policy agenda a long time from inception to enactment. The Video Library is a useful way to review what has changed in approach, actors, and rhetoric.