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British Elections On C-SPAN Tonight

May 6, 2010

Today is election day in Britain. With the three leaders debates with the three leaders, there has been much attention placed on the the three parties vying for control of the British government. You can tune in tonight for a simulcast of the BBC coverage of the election results. It should be an interesting evening.

The C-SPAN Video Library is replete with video from Britain. There is not oodles, but there is enough to give one a good understanding of how their government works, how it is organized differently from ours, and who the leaders are. The coverage of the State Opening of Parliament show how the state and the government come together on that day when Queen opens the Parliament.

Some other programming you may find of interest include: Opening of British Supreme Court, Gordon Brown at British Liaison Committee hearing, Scottish Parliament on Lockerbie Bomber, Forum on differences in legal systems, and State Dinner for Queen Elizabeth II.

And That’s Just the Way It Is

May 5, 2010

Ever wonder who speaks the most days on the House floor. The Congressional Chronicle tracks this. Just click on Congress in the Video Library and it shows the members who have spoken the most. We only count one appearance per day since many members may speak multiple times on the same day. In the 111th Congress, the current Congress, the House has been in 211 days.

One member, Ted Poe R-TX, has spoken 177 times. His nearest competitor for first place, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-TX, has spoken 132 days. So, Rep. Poe is the run away winner.

Rep. Poe delivers a one-minute speech practically every day. His topics vary from immigration, to Israel, the death of Dr. Height, and local issues of Houston. To bring attention to his remarks, he closes each speech with the phrase, “And that’s just the way it is.”

Tune in C-SPAN whenever the House convenes and you will hear Rep. Poe saying “that’s just the way it is” in the first fifteen minutes of the House session. Check out the appearances of other members through the Congressional Chronicle in the C-SPAN Video Library.

C-SPAN Publishes Supreme Court Book

May 4, 2010

Remember the in-depth interviews C-SPAN conducted last year of each of the nine sitting justices of the Supreme Court. Also included where retired justices. They were fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpses into their personalities and how they worked. Each is available for review in the Video Library. Just select Browse at the top of the page and then Series. (You may not get to the Supreme Court because you will find all the other memorable series C-SPAN has produced.)

Now, this significant Supreme Court series is captured in a newly published book, The Supreme Court. This C-SPAN book

* Is a collection of original interviews with all nine sitting Supreme Court Justices plus retired Justice O’Connor.
* Also includes interviews with Court reporters, attorneys and historians
* Is Illustrated with 16-pages of contemporary and historic black and white and color photographs
* Includes additional court resources including justice biographies, history of the Court, and more.

Don’t miss this valuable keepsake. For more information on the book click here.

Jay Leno at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

May 3, 2010

Jay Leno’s appearance this weekend at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was his third time speaking at that dinner. Leno has six appearances in the Video Library. He spoke at the 2000 and 2004 dinners. He also has an appearance at the National Press Club after he was first named Tonight Show host.