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Obama Pardons Turkey

November 24, 2010

President Obama pardoned the eighteenth turkey in the Video Library history. Just type in “turkey pardon” in the search box to review the birds that went on to live peaceful lives spared from the dinner table. Some tried to get away on the spot. Others were more tranquil. This year’s bird is going to Mount Vernon to live out his days.

New Members of Congress

November 19, 2010

A list of new members of Congress can now be found under the Congress tab. Every new member of Congress is listed with a map of their district, their campaign finances for the 2010 election cycle, and their appearances on C-SPAN. As they have more appearances on C-SPAN and their committee assignments made, these pages will be further filled out.

District Maps Now On Member Pages

Each member of Congress biographical page now contains a map of their congressional district. You can now see where the district is, major cities, and boundary lines. Just type in any member of Congress and click on their picture when their name pops up from the search. On the top right of every member page you will find a scalable map of their district.

Lame Duck Session

November 14, 2010

This week the House and Senate return for a lame duck session. A lame duck session is one held after an election. Members who have announced retirement or were defeated in the election take part in passing legislation. They are no longer accountable to the public since the election has passed and they do not have to face the voters.

This lame duck session has one of the largest numbers of members who are not returning. In the House there are 20 members who did not seek reelection, four defeated in primaries, and 51 defeated in the general election. This means that almost 20% of the House are lame ducks. In the Senate there were 11 retirements and five defeated in the primary and general elections.

News this week will focus on both the ending of the 111th Congress as well as the beginning of the 112th. The leadership for the 112th Congress will be elected in private party meetings focusing on the new Congress, while the retiring Congress meets to pass legislation. Follow the action of these two groups here in the Video Library.

President Clinton in 1994

November 5, 2010

Like President Obama, President Bill Clinton made remarks the day after losing control of the House in the 1994 elections. It is interesting to look back at his remarks in light of the 2010 election. The Video Library allows you to compare the remarks of two Democratic presidents in similar circumstances.