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Filibusters in the Video Library

December 10, 2010

While Bernie Sanders (I-VT) filibusters in the Senate, we thought we would look back at earlier filibusters in the Senate. There were five “real” filibusters that can be found in the Video Library. A “real” filibuster is one when senators spoke for an extended period of time and the majority leader took efforts to end or disrupt the filibuster with mandatory quorum calls and directing the sergeant-at-arms to bring absent senators to the floor.

The longest and the most famous of these was in 1988 when Republicans filibustered campaign finance reform. The single Senate session lasted 53:30 minutes. At one point in the wee hours, the sergeant-at-arms actually carried one of the filibuster leaders, Senator Robert Packwood (R-OR) to the floor when Majority Leader Robert Byrd (D-WV) moved that the sergeant-at-arms bring absent senators to the floor.

Don’t go looking for this memorable moment in the Video Library, however, because the Senate-controlled cameras remain focused on the senator speaking and are not permitted to show other activity in the Senate. C-SPAN has requested that the House permit C-SPAN to install two of its own cameras to supplement the House-controlled cameras. That request was made to incoming Speaker John Boehner.

Another memorable filibuster was a bipartisan all-night filibuster by Senators Moynihan (D-NY) and D’Amato. This October 5, 1992 lasted 33 hours. The two New York senators were seeking a provision to help a company that was threaten by foreign competition.

Judicial Impeachments on C-SPAN

December 9, 2010

New Orleans Judge Thomas Porteous is only the 8th federal judge in history, to be convicted and removed from the Federal Bench by the U.S Senate. Watch the entire process: including the House Impeachment, the Senate Trial and the final votes online, at the C-SPAN Video Library. Just search on Porteous. You can also see the impeachments of Judge Alcee Hastings, now a member of the House or Judge Walter Nixon.

Judge Nixon was the first judge impeached under the new procedures where the Senate uses a committee to hear the evidence and then conducts the full trial in the Senate as required by the Constitution. Judge Nixon challenged that procedure in the Supreme Court and lost. You can also hear the oral arguments in the Nixon case before the Supreme Court.

It is all in the Video Library and available free on your computer. Watch it. Clip it. Share it.

Bartlett SpecIal Order on Energy

December 3, 2010

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) came to the floor the other night to deliver another of his Special Order speeches on oil and energy conservation. He said this was the 50th Special Order he said he had delivered on this topic. Many of our viewers follow his remarks. As one of the few scientists in the Congress, his speeches are accompanied by charts and graphs illustrating his points about the diminishing oil supplies.

Use the Congressional Chronicle to find his speeches. Just search on his name and use the drop down box under appearances to select Special Orders. This will show you all the times he has spoken on the floor in Special Orders. Keep drilling down using the arrow buttons and you will get to the text of his remarks. Here is his latest speech.