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Obama to Address Congress

August 31, 2011

When President Obama addresses the Congress next week, it will be the fifth time that he has addressed the Congress. Two of these have been annual State of the Union Addresses. His first speech was on the economy and was delivered early in 2009 when presidents traditionally address Congress. In September, 2009 he delivered a special address on health care. While President Obama has given nine other addresses to the nation, only one of these has been from the Oval Office. The President usually selects another venue in the White House for his remarks.

Watch the President’s remarks next Thursday and review them and other addresses he has made using the Video Library. You can use the advanced search, select Obama as person and address as a format. Watch it. Clip it. Share it.

Alan Krueger

August 29, 2011

President Obama nominated Alan Krueger to become the White House Administration’s chief Economic Adviser.  You can find Alan Krueger in the Video Library and see his appearances on his biography page.

Here is Krueger’s earliest appearance in the Video Library at the 1995 hearing on the minimum wage.

Also testifying at this same hearing in 1995 on the minimum wage was Herman Cain, then president of Godfather’s pizza and now a candidate for the Republican nomination for president.

DVD Sale

August 26, 2011

The C-SPAN Archives is having a sale on excess DVDs. Normally, we produce DVDs on demand when requested by customers. Occasionally, the system over produces and we end up with excess inventory. These DVDs are now on sale at 75% of their normal price. Quantities are limited and once they are gone, the DVDs can be purchased at regular price. Visit our sale site now while quantities last.

Ron Paul on C-SPAN

In the last couple of weeks, a number of stories have been written about the limited coverage Rep. Ron Paul receives on his presidential candidacy.  Roger Simon wrote in Politico about the limited coverage the media gave Paul after his second place win in the Ames straw poll.  This isn’t true on C-SPAN where Paul has 525 appearances.    He has appeared on C-SPAN Call-in programs fourteen times over the last twenty-five years.  His most recent appearance was March 31, 2011.

He continues to speak on the House floor as a member of Congress as well.  You can see all his appearances by going to hisbiographical page.  Remember, it is all there – free – in the Video Library.  Watch it. Clip it. Share it.

American History TV

August 18, 2011

American History TV airs every weekend on C-SPAN3.  See panels, history lectures, oral histories, and interviews.  It is the place to follow all things U.S. history.   If you miss a program, you can find it in the Video Library.    Just  click on Browse at the top of the Video Library and select American History TV on the left under Topics.  You can also click here and it will take you to recent programs.  I am sure you will find some programs of intereset to you if you like to learn about American History.   It is all on C-SPAN3 every weekend and in the Video Library forever.