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JFK and the Press

August 18, 2011

The Video Library has many forums on the media and journalism.  Occasionally, at those panels some interesting historical clips are shown that then become part of the Video Library.  At a recent forum on JFK and the Press, some clips of John F. Kennedy’s press conferences were shown.  You can see these clips about the Bay of Pigs and about press interactions here.  Included is a clip from the lady with hat, May Craig, who President Kennedy used to add humor to the press conferences. Be sure to watch the entire program to hear the reporters who were present at the press conferences comment.  Also, search the Video Library for other similar programs.

Henry Rosenthal, 1918-2011

August 15, 2011

The C-SPAN Archives lost one of its valued employees over the weekend.  Henry Rosenthal came to work for us in his retirement years.  He answered phones, indexed programs, filed, shipped, scanned, and shredded.   He loved C-SPAN and would step up to any task.  Henry led a remarkable life and encouraged many a young person in his career.  He was a voice of Purdue and high school sports in Lafayette on the radio station he owned.  His obituary cites his many honors.

For the C-SPAN family, we owe Henry for his early recognition of enthusiasm and talent.  He hired the very young Brian Lamb  when Brian was still in high school and  showed up at the radio station and wanted to work.   Brian worked at the radio station during high school and college and used what he learned from Henry in his own career.

Today, we remember Henry for his smile, his jokes, his integrity, his mentorship, his leadership, and his friendship.  Henry, you left a legacy.

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll

August 13, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann received the most votes in the Iowa straw poll.  Out of 16,892 votes she received 4823 votes.  Ron Paul was a close second with 4671 votes.  Hear the announcement in this clip.  The results can be see in this clip as they were shown to the remaining participants.  Follow all the campaign developments on C-SPAN.

Gov. Richard Scott on C-SPAN

August 12, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2010, Florida Governor Richard Scott was our guest on the Washington Journal.  You can use the Video Library to find previous appearances of all our guests.  Here is a clip of Governor Scott when he was a hospital executive commenting on President Clinton’s health care proposal and the problems facing hospital consolidation.  Use the Video Library to do your own research on elected officials.

Follow the Candidates on C-SPAN

Just click on the Campaign 2012 tab on the front right of the Video Library to track to appearances of all presidential candidates.  You will find a map where you can see the travels.  Click on a state such as Iowa and see all the appearances in that state.  Adjust the timeline to expand or limit the date range.  Click on a candidate name to remove them from the list and narrow your list to the candidate you want to folllow.

Of course, you can click on any of the programs and watch the video.  The Video Library allows you to watch, clip, and share video clips.  You can then share what you find with your friends.

The C-SPAN Video Library is the place to follow the 2012 campaign.