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The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses. Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hours, is contained in the C-SPAN Archives and immediately accessible through the database and electronic archival systems developed and maintained by the C-SPAN Archives. More Info

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Barney Frank Announces Retirement

November 29, 2011

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) announced that he would not seek reelection to the 113th Congress and would retire at the end of the current session. Rep. Frank has over 1,000 appearances in the C-SPAN Video Library. You can see all his appearances from his biography page. Some interesting programs include A Day in the Life of Barney Frank in which C-SPAN cameras followed him in his district. Also, his apology to the House during the debate on his reprimand can be viewed. There is also a town hall meeting that Frank held with his constituents. Frank was often sharp-tongued and quick on his feet during legislative debates and the Video Library holds those debates such as this one.

George Wallace, Contender

November 25, 2011

Hubert Humphrey, Contender

November 18, 2011

This week C-SPAN continues its a new American History television series. It will air live each Friday evening at 8:00 PM on C-SPAN. Each program will orginate from a historic site and will feature fourteen men who lost the presidency, but changed history. These contenders were candidates in at least one national election and changed political history as a result of it. This week features Hubert Humphrey.

Contenders featured include Henry Clay, James G. Blaine, William Jennings Bryan, Eugene Debs, Charles Evan Hughes, Al Smith, Wendell Willkie, Thomas E. Dewey, Adlai Stevenson, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace, George McGovern, and Ross Perot. Watch them live each Friday night or view them in the Video Library at this site. More information is available C-SPAN The Contenders web site.

C-SPAN Revamps Network Schedule

November 14, 2011

The C-SPAN Networks have given the television a totally new look. Now displayed in a horizontal pictoral grid, the new schedule makes it easy to see what programs are coming ahead as well as to look back in time to see previous programs. Since every program that has aired can be viewed in the C-SPAN Video Library, it is very easy to browse the last night or evening, to see what you missed and to immediately watch it.

For programs in the future, you can add the airing to your calendar or receive an email alert telling you when the program will air.

Other features allow you to click on any category and to look back in time at the programs that have aired in that category. So, if you are a fan of BookTV, American History TV, Q&A, or even congressional hearings, use this feature to see what has aired as well as what will air in the future.

There is even a people search that lets you find programs by typing in a name.

We think you will find the new schedule page a valuable tool to follow the C-SPAN networks.

Balanced Budget Debate in Video Library

November 11, 2011

As the House takes up the balanced budget amendment, you can easily use the C-SPAN Video Library to review previous debates on the balanced budget amendment. To find these debates type “balanced budget amendment” in quotes in the search box. The quotes are needed to limit the search to adjacent words. The result is 938 programs. You can also review these programs by clicking on this http://www.c-spanvideo.org/videoLibrary/search-results.php?keywords=%22balanced+budget+amendment%22>link.

The balanced budget amendment was a part of the Contract with America that was the campaign platform for the Republicans in the 1994 election. When they took control in 1995, they debated the amendment, much as they are today. Here is a clip of Rep. Nancy Pelosi from the day it was debated.

The C-SPAN Video Library is your source for congressional debates.