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Transformation of Tampa Arena

August 28, 2012

The Republican National Committee released this video of the construction of the stage and transformation of the Tampa Forum to the setting for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Get Ready for the Conventions

August 24, 2012

Since 1984, C-SPAN has aired every minute of the Democratic and Republican Conventions. Tune into C-SPAN again this year for uninterupted gavel-to-gavel coverage of both conventions. Every evening from the opening gavel to the last baloon drop, C-SPAN will be there in Tampa and Charlotte.

If you miss anything or want to see a memorable speech again, our Convention Hub and Video Library will have it all. You can watch individual speeches and you can make your own clips to share with friends.

So, get your popcorn and get ready. It is convention time on C-SPAN.

Paul Ryan Clips

August 16, 2012

Users continue to use the Video Library to find clips of Paul Ryan. With over 400 appearances, the C-SPAN Video Library provides an excellent way to learn what Ryan has said on policy issues. The clipping functions of the Video Library allow users to create and share clips. Now these clips are displayed on the front page of the Video Library under Popular User Clips. Also, on each program page, one can see a tab showing the clips that are available for that program.

Use the C-SPAN Video Library to research the political candidates this election season. Watch. Clip. Share.

The Media Use the Video Library

August 13, 2012

As expected, the C-SPAN Video Library useage shot up Saturday morning as journalists and citizens alike used the C-SPAN Video Library to research and document the political career and comments of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Here are just a few of the things that were written using the C-SPAN Video Library.
From the
Appearing on C-Span shortly after he was first elected to Congress in 1998, Mr. Ryan said, “I do not think that more gun control laws are going to solve our crime problems.” He added, “Gun control is not crime control.” Noting that he had lived on Capitol Hill, Mr. Ryan said: “I’ve been mugged before. I’ve heard the gunshots. This city has perhaps the most stringent gun control laws in any city in the country. Yet it has perhaps the greatest crime problems with firearms.”

The entire article can be read here.

used Ryan’s 2004 speech to the Republican National Convention as an example.

You can see that speech clip here and read the Washington Post here.

BRIAN NAYLOR: In 1998, Ryan ran for the House seat vacated when Republican Mark Neumann ran for the Senate. By all accounts a determined campaigner, Ryan won surprisingly easily and joined the House at age 28. As a congressman elect, Ryan told C-SPAN he couldn’t wait to get back to Wisconsin.

PAUL RYAN: I’m an avid hunter. I come from Wisconsin. I’m actually – opening day of deer season is Saturday so I’m flying back Friday so I can join my family hunting for deer.

Chris Hayes: “I want to play this clip of Representative Ryan talking about Mitt Romney`s Massachusetts health care plan because this, to me, gets at something fundamental about what is in some deep sense somewhat of an odd pairing and also about the ideological journey that Mitt Romney has been on. Here`s Representative Ryan on C-SPAN in 2010 talking about Mitt Romney`s Massachusetts healthcare.”

Guess who doesn’t like Romneycare? In an interview with C-SPAN two years ago, Ryan was asked if he liked the Massachusetts health care mandate, passed by his new boss. “No – not well – actually I’m not a fan of the system. … Costs are getting out of control, premiums are increasing in Massachusetts and now you have a bureaucracy that is having to put all these cost controls, and rationing, on the system.” What’s the first question Ryan will be asked in a vice presidential debate?

In 1995, C-SPAN featured a program with a baby-faced young U.S. Senate staffer named Paul Ryan. Many of the themes Ryan hits upon in this interview are identical to those who have catapulted him to his role as vice presidential candidate.

In late 1998, C-SPAN gave him the chance to make a national introduction. He was almost shockingly poised.

The C-SPAN Video Library is the journalists and your source for research on our political leaders. Watch. Clip. Share.

Paul Ryan In the Video Library

August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s pick as vice presidential nominee, has nearly 400 appearances in the C-SPAN Video Library. Things have changed since 1988 when George H.W. Bush selected the relatively unknown Senator Quayle. Reporters scrambled to find anything on the nominee. Today the C-SPAN Video Library chronicles the public lives of political leaders with its unparalleled indexed video and audio records of C-SPAN’s extensive television coverage. Reviewing the records in the Video Library is required work for reporters, analysts, and pundits in 2012.

In the first two-year session that Ryan was in the House, he had 42 House floor appearances. The next Congress, he dropped down to about 30 a session. In 2007, with the Republicans in the minority, but with Ryan assuming the ranking member position on the Budget Committee, his floor appearances grew to a career high of 57 in the 110th Congress. Note: On each person’s bio page, there is a drop down box that allows you to filter appearances. Using this you can see all his floor appearances, learn that he appeared on C-SPAN call-ins one to two times per year, that he has numerous committee appearances, and news conferences. He has appeared on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers interview program twice.

Ryan spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention about the economy and taxes and criticized Democratic nominee John Kerry for his stance on taxes.

Because of his position in Congress as chair of the Budget Committee and as a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Ryan is a budget and tax expert and that is what he almost always speaks about. Here is an early appearance with House Republican leaders where he uses a lock box to demonstrate the Republican Social Security proposal.

With 400 appearances we have only scratched the surface of Paul Ryan’s record. Using the links on his bio page to the Congressional Chronicle, you can explore his committee assignments, campaign finances, votes, and bills sponsored. With the C-SPAN Video Library, every citizen is empowered to research the C-SPAN record and create their own clips to share. We expect that in the next few days and months, Paul Ryan’s record will be thoroughly reviewed in the C-SPAN Video Library. Watch. Clip. Share.