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Members Speaking in 113th Congress

February 8, 2013

The 113th Congress has been in session for 15 days, although some of these are proforma days when nothing happens and no one speaks. Using the C-SPAN Video Library we can see which members have been active in the House during the first month. One thing we learn is that there are 72 freshmen representatives. Thirty-two of these freshmen have not spoken yet and twenty-one have spoken once. The table below shows the distribution of freshmen members speaking by party. There is not much difference in those who have spoken by party, but twice as many Democratic freshmen have not spoken on the floor compared to Republican freshmen. A number of freshmen participated in the reading of the Constitution on the floor.

Days Dem Rep Total
0 22 10 32
1 10 11 21
2 4 8 11
3+ 4 4 7
Total 40 32 72

If we look at all the other members we see the pattern shown in the table below.

Days Dem Rep Total
0 76 98 174
1 38 54 92
2 26 33 59
3+ 20 17 37
Total 160 202 362

There is no difference in the percentage of the freshmen who have not spoken and the nonfreshmen who have not spoken.

Two members stand out as speaking the most. One is a freshman, Rep. Messer (R-IN). He is president of the freshman class and has spoken six times. The other is a nonfreshman and a regular speaker, Rep. Jackson Lee (D-TX), who has also spoken six times. We will continue to keep an eye on who speaks and who doesn’t in the 113th Congress.

None of the fifteen freshmen senators have spoken yet on the Senfloor.

State of the Union Address

February 6, 2013

President Obama will deliver the State of the Union on February 12. The House and Senate assemble in the House Chamber for a Joint Session of Congress to hear the president. Tune to C-SPAN to watch the Senators parade from the Senate chamber to the House chamber, watch the cabinet enter, led by the new Secretary of State and senior cabinet officer, John Kerry, and see the First Lady enter in the gallery. You can see what members come early to claim the coveted aisle seats in this and past years. Then watch and listen as the president gives his speech.

You can view past State of the Union addresses in the C-SPAN Video Library at this link. You can clip and share portions of this and past speeches. Journalist Ryan Beckwith used the Video Library to compile references to immigration in past speeches. You can see his work here. Using the clipping and sharing tools of the C-SPAN Video Library you can do what he did and create your own clips to illustrate the point you want to make. The C-SPAN Video Library makes this possible.