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The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses. Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hours, is contained in the C-SPAN Archives and immediately accessible through the database and electronic archival systems developed and maintained by the C-SPAN Archives. More Info

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C-SPAN Web Site Survey

March 26, 2013

C-SPAN is surveying users of the its web sites to get their opinion on how they use the sites. You can participate by clicking on the link here. Thanks for participating.

Supreme Court Arguments on Same-Sex Marriage

March 25, 2013

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the cases involving same-sex marriage and C-SPAN has a number of programs on this subject. Two federal cases involving Proposition 8 have been argued and can be found in the C-SPAN Video Library. These are Perry v. Brown and Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

The C-SPAN Congressional Chronicle also contains the original 1996 Senate and House debate on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). That debate took place in the House on July 12, 1996 and in the Senate on September 10, 1996.

Use the C-SPAN Video Library to follow the actions of the Court and to research the background on these cases.

Senate in All-Night Session

March 23, 2013

The U.S. Senate convened at 9:00 AM on Friday, March 22 and worked throughout the night on the budget resolution for the 2014 fiscal year. You can always watch the Senate live on C-SPAN2 and review it in the Congressional Chronicle. The Chronicle contains a record of every speaker so you can go back and see if your senator has spoken on any of the many amendments offered.  Use the Congressional Chronicle to review the actions of the U.S. Senate.  You can find the March 22 session here.

Mr. President, I Object

March 20, 2013

These are the words that the Senate Majority Leader dreads to hear. In the last couple of days, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has tried to reach an unanimous consent agreement on the floor to proceed with the continuing resolution in an expedited fashion. On Monday evening, Senator Ayotte (R-NH) objected. You can see the motion and the objection here. Then, you can see Senator Reid express his frustration. Following that, Senator Moran (R-KS) indicated that he was ready to object.

The next day, Senator Moran got his chance to object on his own when Reid once again proposed a motion for expedited debate and amendments. This is how the Senate operates. Most times action can proceed only when no one objects and the majority leader obtains unanimous consent. A lot of time is spent behind the scenes negotiating these agreements and seeking consensus among senators. Sometimes it does not work.

You can use the Congressional Chronicle to search, watch, clip, and share all sessions of the House and Senate.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) on Iraq War – 10 Years Later

March 19, 2013

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) spoke on the House floor, March 18, 2003, on the eve of the Iraq War.

In October, 2002 she offered this amendment to the Iraq War Resolution that she will reference ten years later.

Ten years later, March 19, 2013, she spoke again about her continued opposition.

Use the C-SPAN Video Library to follow the events of the past and the present. You can view, clip, and share.