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Andrew Kaczynski and the Video Library

September 13, 2012

This week on Q&A you will meet Andrew Kaczynski, a 22-year old History major in New York. He is one of the most prolific and published users of the C-SPAN Video Library. As New York Magazine profiled him, “But when he’s not in class or studying, he holes up in his Briarwood studio apartment, plops down in front of his MacBook, and dives into C-SPAN’s extensive online archives. Kaczynski’s hobby is watching old political videos, the most memorable of which he uploads to his YouTube channel.” He now publishes his work on Buzzfeed.

Kaczynski has become an expert at mining the C-SPAN Video Library to find old videos of political candidates in the 2012 campaign cycle. the New York Observer wrote: “He unearthed a clip of Newt Gingrich supporting a health insurance mandate alongside Hilary Clinton and a choice pot-meet-kettle moment in which Mitt Romney decried John Kerry‘s flip-flopping, among others. The videos have caught the attention of attention of reporters for The New York Times, Fox News, and The Huffington Post.”

The C-SPAN Video Library was created exactly for the kind of uses that Kaczynski makes. We put the 190,000 hours online so that ordinary citizens have easy and long-term access to the extensive public affairs coverage created by C-SPAN. Watch Q&A and learn how he does his work. Here is a promotion video for that interview.

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