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Warren Rudman, 1930-2012

November 20, 2012

Warren Rudman, a New Hampshire senator and fiscal leader while in Congress and later, has a bio page in the C-SPAN Video Library. There you can find 230 programs where he appeared including this American Profile interview that looked it his life and career. Use the Video Library to find out more and watch the many appearances of this late senator.

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  • Treason – The betrayal of one’s country. Is giving the United States to illegal immigrant treason? The United States has a pathway to citizenship. – Just apply for citizenship.

  • Having been on Senator Rudman’s DC Senate staff for his full 2 terms in office, I know just how much of a loss his death means for the country. He displayed integrity in all things and was truly a statesman. I attended the tribute for him on 11/29/12 and know that C-SPAN covered it. I would like to know when/if you plan to rebroadcast the tribute and/or if you plan to sell a DVD of the program. I would like to have this to add to my “memory chest” of my “Senate years.” Thank you very much.