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Robert Bork, 1927-2012

December 19, 2012

Robert Bork, professor, federal judge, solicitor general, Supreme Court nominee, has died. He has sixty-five appearances in the C-SPAN Video Library. Robert Bork’s confirmation hearings to the U.S. Supreme Court were the first events included in the Video Library. They remain a fascinating legal seminar as he answered every question put to him. No other nominee subsequently had such a lengthy or detailed hearing. His opening statement at his Supreme Court nomination hearing can be viewed here.

You will find many speeches and book interviews where he discussed his judicial philosophy and his ideas on the state of jurisprudence. See this speech to the Heritage Foundation in 2009. In this oral history interview, he describes his role in the Nixon administration. He spoke at the National Press Club about judicial nominations. See also his first speech following his failed nomination.

He also sat down for an interview about his life and career. and for a Booknotes interview. The earliest pre-nomination interview can be viewed here.

Robert Bork was an important figure in the C-SPAN Video Library through his comments on the judiciary and legal issues. Not everyone will agree with his views, but they were a significant viewpoint in the public policy debate.

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