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Kerry, Hagel, Brennan and Lew

January 9, 2013

What do Kerry, Hagel, Brennan, and Lew have in common? 1823 total appearances in the C-SPAN Video Library. As the Senate and the media scrutinize the statements and remarks of these cabinet nominees, you can too using the C-SPAN Video Library. Each person has a biography page in which you can see all the positions and appearances that they have had in their political career as covered by C-SPAN.

Secretary of State nominee Senator John Kerry has the most and the oldest appearance. The Video Library has his 1971 appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He has many Senate and campaign appearances also.

Senator Hagel has 377 appearances, most of which are as Republican senator from Nebraska.

CIA Director nominee Brennan has 77 appearances. His earliest appearance dates back to 2003 when he testified about the Terrorist Threat Integration Center.

Jack Lew, who will be nominated as Treasury Secretary has the fewest appearances, but the most positions including two stints as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Use the C-SPAN Video Library to learn more about these nominees while their nominations are being considered.

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