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Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013

April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher loomed large in the early days of the C-SPAN Video Library. Called the Iron Lady, she was a conservative partner to President Ronald Reagan in redefining conservatism across two continents. She was witty during the many Question Times that we covered her. She was resolute in her party speeches. She stood along side Reagan in many events. She has 124 appearances in the Video Library.

Review the political life of Lady Margaret Thatcher in the C-SPAN Video Library.

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  • Once again we are thankful for the C-SPAN Video Library. Instead of relying on the broadcast and cable news networks for their interruptations of Margaret Thatcher (to say nothing of the same videos over and over), we can click on VL to see the “real Iron Lady” in action.

    Tonight is “The First Ladies Series” with NCAA Mens Final on the other set; but, tomorrow night make a bowl of popcorn and watch some Margaret Thatcher-PM Question Times … that’s history and competition all-in-one.

    Thank you for C-SPAN, Brian Lamb!

    M. L. Meyer

  • The Mbuagbaw family from Cameroon express with deep regrets, our condolences for the loss of Maggi Thatcher. She will be remembered for her clever lines in the house of parliament as she defended the rights of the common man, and to keep Britain a Great Nation. She was, and will be, in this century, the quintecential image of Great Britain and the UK. Farwell Maggi, go in peace, for we love and will never forget you for the inspiration of a lifetime.

    Baiye M – Houston – texas