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British Elections On C-SPAN Tonight

May 6, 2010

Today is election day in Britain. With the three leaders debates with the three leaders, there has been much attention placed on the the three parties vying for control of the British government. You can tune in tonight for a simulcast of the BBC coverage of the election results. It should be an interesting evening.

The C-SPAN Video Library is replete with video from Britain. There is not oodles, but there is enough to give one a good understanding of how their government works, how it is organized differently from ours, and who the leaders are. The coverage of the State Opening of Parliament show how the state and the government come together on that day when Queen opens the Parliament.

Some other programming you may find of interest include: Opening of British Supreme Court, Gordon Brown at British Liaison Committee hearing, Scottish Parliament on Lockerbie Bomber, Forum on differences in legal systems, and State Dinner for Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • Any chance the simulcast can be shown on C-SPAN 1 or 2 later in the evening when other programming finishes. MAny people don’t get C-SPAN 3.

  • I agree with the comment below from another viewer. The BBC Election results have been on C Span 1 or C Span 2 in the past and I was looking forward to viewing it. I do not get C Sapn 3. What a sad disappointment.

  • Thank you C-SPAN for the coverage on C-SPAN 1!