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Oil Spill Programming

May 26, 2010

As the oil continues spewing in the Gulf, C-SPAN continues to cover the many public policy events related to the oil spill. We use the key word “Oil Pollution” to tie all these programs together. Just type this keyword in the search box and the programs will come up. Then use the date bar to further narrow down to 2010. You can also use the program type selector on the bottom left to narrow down to White House events or news conferences or congressional hearings. There have been eighteen hearings or portions of hearings since the spill began.

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  • If the Bush administration would of enforce the acoustic safety valve requirement, like any other country require from oil companies to follow, we would not be in this mess. However Dick Cheney behind closed doors with the oil company agreed to deregulate safety.
    Mr Bush and his administration should be questioned : why did they allow less safety precautions for oil drilling than any other country in the world.

  • Why the idiots in BP were allowed to drop thousands of tons of surfactants in the gulf to disperse the spilled oil? The only thing this would do is make the spilled oil invisible by emulsifying it in the water and therefore impossible to see and clean-up. Over the long run this oil will decompose and deplete water’s oxygen and therefore, will greatly damage (if not completely wipe out) the echo-system in the gulf!
    The only reason I can think of is an attempt by the BP to make the spill appear much smaller than what it really is. Bunch of criminals!!

  • It’s time for President Obama to get off the stick and start acting like a real President. So far Mr. Obama has proved without a doubt he is one of the better PR guys in Washington. Unfortunately, it’s takes more than feel good speeches and pep rallies to do the job. Last week President Obama held a press conference proclaiming he is doing everything he can to take care of the oil spill. Afterwards he called on cherry picked journalists. Within minutes the President was asked why he is not accepting the help of seventeen countries from around the world. Why the Govenor of Louisianna is still waiting for permits and equipment to build a barrier reef, which will help stop the oil from coming ashore. Why is the head of the geological society took a helicopter over the spill and noticed only one skimmer out there in operation. I did some brainstorming and I think I found a way to raise extra resources for the clean up effort. All you have to do is put a surcharge on the President and the Democrats every time they use the phrase “the Bush administration.” We will have plenty of money for the oil spill, the national debt, and even some extra to start a rainy day fund. It’s time for President Obama to start acting like a President and stop blaming others for your failures. In the 2008 campaign Mr. Obama used the slogan “change” to propel him right into the White House. If he doesn’t start taking responsibility, he will experience another change. A change of address from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right back to Chicago.

  • Well I’m not much of an biologist/sceintest. Would it not be to relavent to perserve the oil while in the water to prevent loss of $…. also would it not be significant for thy to build mountain iether than to dig wholes…. I believe contraction and extraction of elments is primary….Second is it physically possible for p to burn in h2O not in a fire form but yet in a gas form such as steem. which may be more possible to conserve….

  • Please take in to consideration my comment earlier submitted because we are a nation of unity and freedom it would be justice for US to see ourselves as mankind not ethnicity…

  • Please take in to consideration my comment earlier submitted online we are a nation of unity and freedom it would be justice for US to see ourselves as mankind not ethnic groups.

  • Why is it so hard to use new technology today?

    Green Streem Solutions
    Green Remediation Solution
    Summit International
    are all distributors of Universal Remediation which provides PRP Products (Petroleum Remediation Products) It is NASA Spin off Technology and the best environmental oil spill cleanup product on the market.

    This is the video put on CNN from Green Stream Solutions. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-445414 – looks like he posted it twice with more information.

    Here is the site with his postings among all the other solutions being proposed. http://www.ireport.com/ir-topic-stories.jspa?topicId=444632&hpt=C2

    Universal Remediation
    website: http://www.unireminc.com

    Could you let me know why this product is not being used in the BP Gulf Spill? We have been discussing with EPA, NOAA, Coast Guard, BP and others but no one will give the OK to uses PRP Products at this spill. Independent test studys show that PRP Products remove 93%-98% of hydrocarbons over a 10-14 weeks without having to haul off. We could have beaches, marshes, wet lands, and even clean the birds with PRP. Open water and many many more applications to remove and cleanup this oil spill.

    If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Green Remediation Solutions is the Master Distributor for Universal Remediation for the 11 western United States.

  • Seems that all companies involved have deployed their least capable; whether to cap the leak, or to advise the President. I suspect some are politically giddy at how poorly the Obama Admin. comes across telegenically, as they are briefed by ever misinformed industry idiots. My heart goes out to the Mexican Gulf, haplessly caught in the middle of this tragedy.

  • Why aren’t any of the areas that are getting oil infiltrating using straw placed between lines of boom to absorb some of the oil? This straw could then be scooped up and oil extracted. I think this would work well along areas where two sets of booms could be run parallel to each other and the straw place in between and clean out daily by the boats that have the ability to lift this straw onto their decks on top of tarps and then all deposite at a central drop barge.

  • I wood like to know were to sing up for the gulf oil spill, BP I al-ready send my resume in on 3/29/2010 to new England BP location. please e-mail me dfannielee@yahoo.com or msnfannielee@live.com. 6-7-2010.

  • I have been calling this BP oil suggestion’s telephone # 866-448-5816….for the past 3 day’s now with my suggestion to how to fix the problem in the gulf with the oil well, today is the 23rd of June, Wednesday.not having no luck on recieving a form over the computer at my e-mail request..I have been trying for three days now to get information to BP on how to fix the problem in the gulf…The lady at the telephone number i contacted explained to me that the computer she works with has a problem sending form’s to yahoo customer’s or yahoo.com e-mail adress’s, so I guess the oil will continue to flow…I have a great idea and I know it will work if I can just get the right person’s attention.!! A Very Proud Veteran, Harlin Felton from W.Va. My cell phone number is 304-709-0699..Thank’s the Possum !!

  • Man, talk about a great post! I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times inside the past, but I usually forgot to save it. But absolutely not again! Thanks for writing the way you do, I truly appreciate seeing somebody who actually has a viewpoint and is not just regurgitating junk like the majority of other writers today. Keep it up!

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