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Obama Impersonator at RLC

June 18, 2011

The Republicans continued their third day of Republican Leadership Conference meetings in New Orleans. The third day was marked by controversy from the appearance of Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown. His appearance was ended by the RLC officials before he completed his act. Here is the appearance

The entire session can be seen as a featured video.

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  • I did not see any reason to pull this impersonator.

    If anything, it made fun of Republicans.

    Perhaps, it was a little too close to Republican beliefs, and that was the reason Mr. Brown was removed from the stage.

  • I love that he is punking the RLC almost his entire skit.

  • Dear God,

    Help them remember to always leave the white sheets at home..

  • I’m an Obama supporter and thought the whole thing was hilarious, but the funniest part was them cutting his mike and pulling him as soon as he starts making fun of this year’s pathetic group of GOP candidates! Absolutely priceless!

  • Cuz nothing says Republican party like a bunch of old white folks laughing at black jokes. Nice brand management, guys!

  • oh puh-leeze, get over your bad selves. no one was immune – everyone got bashed. chill and enjoy.

  • It was all hilarious to them until he mocked their “candidates”…typical Republican hypocrisy.

  • How many young people did you see in the audience? Exactly. This is stodgy old, group of people bent on the idea that republicons are trying to help them.

    Zero sense of humor, unless it is about the opposition. They’re almost as extreme as radical Islam,

  • I think I spotted Art Linkletter in the audience. And yes, I know he’s dead.

  • I’m not a Republican, but I know that I won’t vote for Obama again.

  • this guy is fantastic…..spitting image of obama….down to his his every facial expressions……..i rate it a 10, IN EVERY JOKE THERE IS ALWAYS A LITTLE TRUTH…

  • It was funny. Many of the Republicans were laughing and applauded when he left the stage. I think it was management thinking they were being punked instead of roasted.

  • Please unblock the hold on the Obama Impersonator’s interrupted performance at the Republican Leadership Conference.

    I can play Hunstman video delaring as a candidate et. el.

    As an independent, I find it fascinating that the GOP is blocking this. i.e., Washingtom Journal spoke about it but did not show it.

    Thanks for C-SPAN