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C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Cited In Hearing

October 30, 2013

C-SPAN daily call-in program, Washington Journal, was cited by Representative DeGette (D-CO) at the congressional hearing questioning HHS Secretary Sebelius. She cited a caller who called when DeGette was a guest on the Journal.

Senate Chaplain Prayers

October 24, 2013

During the sixteen days of the federal government shutdown, Senate Chaplain Barry Black offered prayers every day that called upon legislators to put aside their differences. Here are the prayers from every day clipped from the C-SPAN Video Library.

Sid Yudain on C-SPAN

October 22, 2013

Sid Yudain, founder of the Roll Call – a newspaper focusing on Capitol Hill, has passed away. Here is a clip of Yudain speaking with C-SPAN.

Rep. Young on First Day of House Television Coverage

October 18, 2013

Rep. Bill Young (R-FL), the longest serving House Republican, has died. He was one of the members who spoke on the first day of televised House coverage, March 19, 1979. Of the segment we have preserved of the first House session, he is the last serving member of Congress who spoke on that first day. All his appearances can be found here. Here is his speech from that day.

Thomas Foley, 1929-2013

Thomas Foley, speaker of the House of Representatives from 1989 to 1995, has died. He has almost 600 appearances in the C-SPAN Video Library. He presided over many sessions of the U.S. House while speaker until he was defeated in the 1994 election when the Republicans took control of the House. See his bio page for his many appearances. He was one of seven speakers of the House while C-SPAN has been telecasting congressional proceedings.

Here is a program where former Speaker Foley was knighted.

Explore the Video Library for other videos from Speaker Foley’s career.