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The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses. Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hours, is contained in the C-SPAN Archives and immediately accessible through the database and electronic archival systems developed and maintained by the C-SPAN Archives. More Info

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Washington Post on C-SPAN Archives

September 23, 2010

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post featured the C-SPAN Video Library in his column today. He highlighted the ways that the Video Library is being used in the 2010 campaign. The appearances of Christine O’Donnell were used extensively in the media and blogosphere. He cites other cases where reporters have found statements in the Library which may be at odds with what the candidate for office is currently saying. The Video Library is a source that many turn to when a new political figure appears on the scene. With 160,000 hours there are many fish in this deep sea to paraphrase Howard Kurtz.

Video Library Wins Golden Beacon Award

September 17, 2010

The C-SPAN Video Library has won the cable industry’s 2010 Golden Beacon award. The Association of Cable Communicators presents the Golden Beacon Award, the association’s highest honor, to a public affairs initiative that has made an impact within the cable industry while enhancing cable’s image nationwide.

The Video Library was chosen over many other worthy cable initiatives as this year’s prize winner. The award recognizes the efforts that C-SPAN made to preserve, index, digitize, and make available for free 160,000 hours of public affairs programming.

Thanks to the cable industry for this award and to the C-SPAN Board for its support in making the Video Library possible.

A Look at 2010 Congressional Races

September 10, 2010


C-SPAN’s two Local Content Vehicles (LCV) are on the road bringing you profiles of House races across the country. Each week you will see new races featured on the network. The first two vignettes that have aired are here. Others can be viewed in the Video Library

Closed Captioning Now Available

September 3, 2010

The Video Library has added closed captioning to the playback of many of its videos. Users will find a button labeled CC on the video player for all programs that are captioned. The captioning is available for videos from the past five years and some selected videos before that. We hope that this service will assist the hearing-impaired in using the Video Library.

Third Parties on C-SPAN

September 1, 2010

Richard Winger was interviewed on Washington Journal about ballot access and third parties as part of our week-long series on parties and elections. The viewers asked lots of interesting questions about third parties in the U.S. elections. There was also this discussion on the electoral college.

Mr. Winger also commented favorably about C-SPAN’s coverage of third parties. We will use his comment as a reminder that you can find past debates and interviews with third party members in the Video Library. Just type Green Party, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, or Communist Party, USA in the search box and you will find the wide aray of parties in the U.S. and how their activities have been covered by C-SPAN.