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Obama Addresses the Nation

September 6, 2013

When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday night, it will be his tenth address of this type excluding the State of the Union and Inauguration addresses and the two addresses he made from West Point and the National Defense University. However, he has made only two of these nine addresses from the Oval Office. These were on June 15, 2010 And August 31, 2010. You can see all the venues here. So, the question is where will President Obama deliver Tuesday’s night address from. Will he use the Oval Office for the second time or will he use the East Room hallway that he used three times? You will be able to see the speech Tuesday evening on C-SPAN and afterwards in the C-SPAN Video Library.

Senate Debate on Syrian Chemical Weapons

September 1, 2013

As the Senate and House prepare for the debate on the use of force against Syria, there are previous programs dealing with this subject. Here is a debate from May, 2013 in which several senators who will be in the Senate debate talk about chemical weapons.

There are many more programs on this subject in the Video Library. These programs can be reviewed here.

David Frost, 1939-2013

David Frost, British television interviewer who passed away, had fourteen appearances on C-SPAN. You can see him give an oral interview as well as describe the process of creating the famous interviews with former President Richard Nixon. See all these programs here.

March on Washington, 1963

August 23, 2013

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, C-SPAN is airing many retrospective programs that look back on that historic event. You can see many of these programs by searching on Martin Luther King or by clicking on this link. More programs will air over the next several days including a commemorative program and march.

This program is the longest airing that C-SPAN has of the original speech.

Town Hall Meetings on C-SPAN

August 21, 2013

Members of Congress are in their states and districts this August while Congress is on recess. During this time many members have town hall meetings with constituents. C-SPAN is covering some of these meetings and airing them on the networks. You can see the ones you missed here.

C-SPAN also aired a program looking at these town hall meetings. That program is here.

Follow Congress when it is session and out on C-SPAN and in the Video Library.