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The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses. Every C-SPAN program aired since 1987, now totaling over 160,000 hours, is contained in the C-SPAN Archives and immediately accessible through the database and electronic archival systems developed and maintained by the C-SPAN Archives. More Info

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Use Video Library to Research Court Nominees

April 12, 2010

The Video Library can help researchers find background information on potential Supreme Court nominations for the vacancy created by Justice Steven’s announced retirement. Three names being mentioned Judge Diane Wood, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, and Judge Merrick Garland all have appearances in the Video Library. Some of these appearances are from prior years. These are among just the first names being mentioned. As these names are reviewed in the media and as others are mentioned, use the Video Library to review their prior speeches and statements to learn their views.

Justice Stevens in the Video Library

April 9, 2010

With the retirement announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens, we turn to the Video Library to see what programs he has appeared on. There are 84 entries for Justice Stevens.

The justice recently sat down with C-SPAN for an interview as part of the Supreme Court Series. There was also a panel that examined his career on the Court. In response to a question in 2003, he commented on retirement.

One of the oldest programs is a November, 1987 moot court debate over whether William Shakespeare was the author of his plays. Justice Stevens, along with Justice Blackman and Brennan were the panel of judges.

Explore the Video Library to learn more about this retiring justice.

Video Player Enhancements

April 8, 2010

A new version of the C-SPAN Video Player has been released with new enhancements. Users will find embed and share buttons on the front. Both of these options allow clipping.

The preview window used for clipping has been enlarged and the mark in and out buttons made clearer. Click on these marks when playing video and to set the begin and end points. You can still drag the handles to set the start and end points and also use the arrows on your keypad.

Under the embed option you can copy the embed code for posting on your blog. The share button allows a variety of options such as copying or emailing a link, tweeting it, or posting the clip on Facebook.

We think these features will make it easier to share C-SPAN video. Use them and let us know.

VL Mentions in Print and Online

April 3, 2010

The recent launch of the C-SPAN Video Library has received a lot of mentions in print, online, and blogs. Below are some of the ones we found. If you find others we missed let us know.

We thank all of you who have written about the Video Library and passed the word along. Many of the blogs have found interesting programs and searches and used their space to show others what their finds.

The Video Library is there to be used in this way. We encourage you to post C-SPAN video in your blogs and stories and explore this vast library to find video to share with others. Thank you for your work.

Video Library Mentions

New Search Features Added

Two new search features have been added to the Video Library. One feature is a nickname search. Since the Video Library tends to use formal names, this is an important aid to searching. Tom will find Thomas. Rob, Robby, Bob, and Bobby will find someone named Robert.

The second is a drop-down box of suggested searches. Typing in Obama will suggest ways that people have searched for Obama. We capture the searches and continue to refine the drop-down choices as new searches emerge.

We think these two enhancements will improve the searching experience.